Servers Rota - May/June 2017

Date MC Crucifer Acolytes Thurifer Boat Deacon
7-May-17  All Age Worship
Richard Hughes Richard Hughes Simon Ritter     Margaret Sheather
White        Baptism     Liz Hughes      
14-May-17 John Jutsum John Jutsum Jamie D-Hamilton Margaret Sheather   Ian Jarvis
White     Victoria Glazier      
Margaret Sheather Margaret Sheather Simon Ritter Ian Jarvis   Linda Jarvis
White     Victoria Glazier      
25-May-17 7.30pm Eucharist      Ascension Day
Richard Hughes Richard Hughes Victoria Glazier Liz Hughes   Linda Jarvis
White     Simon Ritter      
Richard Hughes Richard Hughes Jameie D-Hamilton Liz Hughes   Margaret Sheather
White     John Jutsum      
4-Jun-17  Day of Pentecost
Ian Jarvis Ian Jarvis Margare Sheather      
Red        All Age Worship     Simon Ritter      
11-Jun-17  Trinity Sunday
John Jutsum John Jutsum Richard Hughes Liz Hughes    
Gold              Jamie D-Hamilton      
Margaret Sheather Margaret Sheather Simon Ritter Ian Jarvis    
Green      Jamie D-Hamilton      
25-Jun-17   John Jutsum Richard Hughes Jamie D-Hamilton Margaret Sheather    
Green      Liz Hughes      

If you are unable to do your Sunday please do your best to swap with someone.