Servers Rota - April/May 2017

Date MC Crucifer Acolytes Thurifer Boat Deacon
2-Apr-17  Passion Sunday
Richard Hughes Richard Hughes Liz Hughes     Ian Jarvis
Purple     Margaret Sheather      
9-Apr-17   Palm Sunday with
John Jutsum Margaret Sheather Victoria Glazier     Linda Jarvis
Red         +Robert     Jamie D-Hamilton      
13-Apr-17  7.30pm Maundy        Thursday with +Robert
Ian Jarvis Ian Jarvis Victoria Glazier Margaret Sheather   Deborah Curram
White     Jamie D-Hamilton      
15-Apr-17 9.30pm Easter Eve with +Robert Margaret Sheather Richard Hughes Victioria Glazier Liz Hughes   Deborah Curram
White     Jamie D-Hamilton      
16-Apr-17 Easter Day with +Robert Ian Jarvis Richard Hughes Liz Hughes Margaret Sheather   Deborah Curram
Gold     Jamie D-Hamilton      
23-Apr-17  Margaret Sheather Margaret Sheather Victoria Glazier Liz Hughes   Bill Evans
White     Richard Hughes      
30-Apr-17  John  Jutsum John Jutsum Jamie D-Hamilton     Linda Jarvis
White     Ian Jarvis      
7-May-17  All Age Worship
Richard Hughes Richard Hughes Simon Ritter      
White        Baptism     Liz Hughes      
14-May-17 Ian Jarvis Ian Jarvis Jamie D-Hamilton Margaret Sheather    
White     Victoria Glazier      
Margaret Sheather Margaret Sheather Simon Ritter Ian Jarvis    
White     Victoria Glazier      
25-May-17 7.30pm Eucharist Ascension Day
John Jutsum John Jutsum Victoria Glazier Margaret Sheather    
White     Victoria Glazier      
Richard Hughes Richard Hughes Jameie D-Hamilton Liz Hughes    
White     John Jutsum      

If you are unable to do your Sunday please do your best to swap with someone.

Server Notes for Holy Week and Easter 2017

Palm Sunday

Please be ready to leave the church to go down to the Market House at 9.35.
Procession will be led by the servers, followed by the choir, then the ministers and then the rest of the people.
Once in church, go through to the front as usual and the rest of the service is as normal except that there is no Gospel procession as it is the dramatic reading of the Passion Gospel.

Maundy Thursday

Please be robed in good time in case there are any final arrangements to be briefed.
The entry is as usual but immediately after the greeting the Holy Oils will be brought to the front and prayers said, so once the cross and candles are in place the acolytes should wait by the lectern to take the oils from Bishop Robert. When the prayers are over, place the oils on the Altar and then return to your places on the front pew.
The service then proceeds as usual until after the sermon when the Washing of the Feet takes place. This will be done with 6 chairs at the front of the nave, and we may need to make space on the front pews for the people having their feet washed to take their shoes off. The Deacon will support the President with the foot washing. The MC needs to help Bishop Robert take off his chasuble before the washing, placing it over the front pew of the south aisle and help him to robe again when the washing is complete.
The service then continues as usual until after the communion and the Procession to the Altar of Repose. In preparation for this, the Crucifer should not come into the sanctuary at the offertory, but stay by the cross stand and, having made their communion, go to the Lady Chapel and light all the small lights on the altar, then return to their seat. Matches and tapers will to be put in the Lady Chapel before the service.
The procession is in the usual order led by the thurifer; Bishop Robert will take the sacrament and the Deacon and MC bring the altar candles. The sacrament is placed on the altar as are the candles from the high altar. Acolytes place their candles either side of the altar and step back. Bishop Robert will cense the sacrament so the thurifer will need to have added more charcoal after the communion censing.
At the 5th verse “Therefore we before him bending....” all kneel, taking our cue from Bishop Robert.
At the end of the hymn the MC needs to take the chasuble from Bishop Robert, who remains praying at the altar. The thurifer takes the thurible back to the vestry. All servers proceed with the stripping of the sanctuary in the usual way. Everything except the altar itself and the heavy seat on the south side is removed with servers bringing items to the screen where others will be waiting to take things from us. Towards the end it makes sense just to take the final things to the sacristy (small items) or the porch room (large items) ourselves.

Easter Eve

Please be robed by 9pm so that any final preparations can be sorted out.
The altar party all move to outside the church for the start of the service. The Deacon will be carrying the Paschal candle, the MC will hold the book for Bishop Robert and someone will bring the nails to hand to him at the appropriate point.
The fire is censed before the candle is lit. The Deacon leads the procession in to the back of the church followed by the servers. The acolytes’ light their candles from the Paschal candle and start to share the light with the choir and congregation as they gather in the baptistery. The first “the Light of Christ” is sung at that point.
The procession then moves up to the Chancel step, with two further points at which the Deacon sings “the Light of Christ”. Once at the screen, thurifer puts the thurible on the hook near the choir vestry door, acolytes put their candles immediately beside the eagle lectern to help illuminate it, crucifer waits for the choir to go past and then puts the cross in its stand. Servers all go to the front pews.
After the four initial readings, when the Easter Acclamation is given, please help lead the clapping, rattles, and general noise-making.
The Gospel is read from the lectern so there is no Gospel procession.
After the Gospel, the altar party, led by the Paschal Candle, goes to the Baptistery. Servers stand in the usual place inside the door.
Procession returns to the chancel step and all stand in places for the Peace.
The service then proceeds as a usual Eucharist until the last hymn. During that hymn we process to the back of the church with the acolytes lighting the congregation’s candles as we go.

Easter Day

This is largely a normal Sunday morning service with 2 exceptions:

• the service starts at the back of the church with the choir singing and a short series of responses and the Easter acclamation before we process to the front   during the first hymn
• After the post-communion prayer the Easter Garden is blessed. Servers play no role in this so we can continue with the clearing up at the altar in the usual way.