Vision for the Diocese and Vision for the Benefice

VisionAs you know, there have been conversations across the Diocese to feed into a new vision for the next few years. The priorities that have emerged have been published by the Diocese, in draft form. As we seek a new vision for our Benefice also, we will be taking all that you contributed to our own Vision Day last July, and exploring it alongside Diocesan priorities. We will then offer to you for consideration and comment our own local benefice vision which will be mapped onto all that Bishop Rachel is seeking for us to consider. Do note, we are not being asked to do everything - but being encouraged to think about some of these potential areas for growth within our churches and communities.

Committed to transformation
• Creating dynamic networks for shared learning between leaders, both lay & ordained
• Developing lay & ordained leadership, which reflects the diverse communities we serve
• Piloting liberating models of leadership and ministry in multi-parish benefices

Opening new paths to faith
• Investing in our engagement with baptism families to spark an amazing adventure with Jesus Christ
• Placing schools at the heart of our mission with creative connections between churches and schools
• Encouraging new and courageous ways of worshipping, in different places, which connect with more people
• Approaching the use, upkeep & future of church buildings in bold and creative ways

Growing adventurous followers of Jesus Christ
• Enabling people to discover new depths to prayer & spiritual growth, individually & together
• Nurturing disciples to be confident in living their faith Sunday to Saturday
• Sharing our stories in new and different ways through digital media

Living out Christ’s love and hope
• Being advocates for human flourishing, through initiatives which combat injustice, destruction, exclusion and isolation.
• Using sport, music and art to build relationships and share the Christian faith
• Connecting with new housing developments in innovative ways
• Investing in people and programmes, which excite young people to explore and grow in faith