A warm welcome to Minchinhampton Parish Church
where 'we accept and share the generosity of God's Love'
Holy Trinity, Minchinhampton forms part of the Benefice of Minchinhampton with Box and Amberley
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Many times, Jesus had something important which needed saying, but was often misunderstood. He knew that what he was saying would be hard for many to accept or understand, yet he also knew it had to be said. The problem is that, we all carry so much baggage and hurt from our past that our listening can sometimes be impaired. No matter how good our hearing, we block out and distort whatever we are not wanting to receive, and focus on the negatives. Just as I have been reminded lately on the course I am doing on Spiritual Direction, much of our praying and spiritual growth is to do with learning to listen, and deliberately putting aside our preconceptions, pride and status, so that we are able to take in what God is whispering. Which sooner or later, will always lead us to Jesus. Our Gospel today homes in on listening, where the preparatory work could all have been done, if those religious leaders had been practising their Godly listening. Had that been the case, they would have found themselves drawn, like the wise elderly Simeon, to see what God had been preparing them for throughout their history; to recognise Jesus as the Bread from heaven – the visible expression of God’s life and feeding. Then how wonderful it would have been if, on hearing those extraordinary words of Jesus – ‘I am the bread that came down from heaven’ – the religious leaders could have seen all the truth of God’s plan being worked out in front of their very eyes and in their hearing! But as it was, their preconceptions, pride and status prevented them from listening with Godly understanding. The great news of hope which Jesus proclaims is that full life is possible as we recognise Jesus for who he is, and gladly receive his feeding.

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Services at Parish Church of The Holy Trinity, Minchinhampton

8.00 a.m. Said Eucharist
10.00 a.m. Sung Parish Eucharist except First Sunday - All Age Service.
5.30 p.m. First & Third Sunday: Evensong (BCP).
Second, Fourth & Fifth Sunday: Said Evening Prayer - Common Worship

8.00 a.m. Tuesday, Thursday to Saturday: - Said Eucharist
11.00 a.m. Wednesday: Eucharist (BCP)
4.30 p.m. Friday: Said Evening Prayer in the Lady Chapel
5.30 p.m. Monday Thursday and Saturday:- Said Evening Prayer
in the Lady Chapel
For additional services please use the Calendar.

Services at St Barnabas, Box

9.00 a.m. Eucharist with hymns.

8.00 a.m. Wednesday – Eucharist

For additional services please use the Calendar.

Wednesday Cuppa 

Takes place every week from 2:30 until 4:00pm in the Porch Room. 
Church members attend as well as non-church goers and a warm welcome and good cake awaits you. The Wednesday walkers often join us as they finish ready for a sit down and a cuppa. It is a good social gathering of friends and all are welcome to come and chat and meet new people.

Do you enjoy Worship?
Do you enjoy Singing?

We are growing our choirs! Adult & Junior choirs sing a wide range of music not only for regular church services but also for weddings, funerals, carols in church, special events and even a film! Junior singers receive special training – past choristers are currently singing in the Gloucester Cathedral boys and girls choirs. Choral scholarships are available for over 16-year-olds still in full-time education. Adults singers commit only to what they are able to do. Details on the church website and on the Choirminch Facebook page. If you think you might enjoy singing, contact Julian Elloway for an informal chat

A New Rector for Minchinhampton with Box and Amberley

The Bishop of Gloucester, the Right Revd Rachel Treweek, met with the church councils of Minchinhampton with Box and Amberley on Wednesday 13th June to agree ‘The Profile’, a draft of which had previously been prepared.

The Profile is a document which provides an in depth description of the parishes and the role of the Rector in our communities for the purposes of informing prospective candidates of the role of Rector. A team of dedicated people representing the different churches have been working on the profile over the past two months. At the meeting the Bishop also advised us of the process and timetable for the appointment of our new Rector.

Advertisements will be going out between 6th and 13th July 2018 with a closing date of 30th July. Applications will be short listed on 6th August by the interview team, representatives from each Parish and the Archdeacon, with interviews being held on 25th September. Please join us in praying for a successful outcome for the Benefice as we move through the phases of appointing a new Rector.

Parish Breakfast

Parish breakfasts resume on the first Sunday of each month, in the Porch Room, starting 7th January at 8.50am. Apart from the luxury of having your breakfast made for you, this is a great chance for the 8 o’clock congregation to meet up with those who attend the 10 o’clock service, enjoy a chat and get to know each other. On offer each month is delicious porridge, a range of cereals, bacon rolls, croissants, toast as well as tea, coffee, juice and much more.
All proceeds from the donations go to charity.

Personal Safety In and Around the Church

The church is a vital part of our community and assists ‘community cohesion’ in our parish. 

Churches should be open because they are there for the community, this is why Holy Trinity, Minchinhampton is open from 7 in the morning until 6 in the evening, for prayer, quiet contemplation and discovery. Churches, however, are not immune from people who use violence for their own ends. 

Violence in a church always seems to be more shocking than in other places because churches are meant to be areas of calm, reverence and an escape from the woes of the world. 

The risk of physical violence within churches is very small, but it does happen. Any building that is open to the public is at risk of someone entering who may use violence. 

Just because it doesn’t happen often, doesn’t mean we should ignore the problem. All churches have fire extinguishers, but very few have had a fire. So we now have a safety policy displayed on the noticeboard for lone workers in the church. If you are going to be working in the church alone please familiarise yourself with it, but here are three basic rules for you to follow:-

  • Always inform someone (friend or family) if you intend to be in church alone.
  • Keep your mobile phone on your person.
  • If you feel in any way threatened, walk out of the church and seek help outside.
is due to take place on
Sunday 23 September at 2:30pm
in the Porch Room and Church.


Hope you can join us then.
What to expect:

A warm welcome – Refreshments – Craft activities – Celebration worship
A story – Songs – Prayer
Messy church is something different.
It's about people who want to do church differently and want to
share it with others.
Children must be accompanied by a parent of guardian.
Other dates for your diaries.
Wednesday 14th November 3:30 – 5:30pm Theme: Peace
Wednesday 12th December 3:30 – 5:30pm Theme: Christingle

The Diocese of Gloucester’s vision for the next five years is LIFE.



Diocesan Publication: 


Daily Prayer

The Church has a tradition of daily prayer which embraces the three key elements of praise, intercession and engagement with scripture.

This page links to the C of E Daily Prayer website allowing us all to join in this daily pattern of prayer. When using the Offices individually read both the priest's and people's part.

The Offices are from the Book of Common Worship for today GMT.

Verse of the Day